Master Racks and Furniture is a sister concern of Tool Master & Engineering Company established in 2009 and quickly became leading warehouse solution provider in the emerging market of Bangladesh. In 10 years since establishment of MRF, our team has successfully delivered over 500+ projects with high quality imported products and made many satisfied customers from garments, pharmaceuticals, Consumer products and multinational industries.

We have established a whopping 55000 SFT manufacturing plant in Kanchpur, Narayanganj, where over 150 engineers and workers are busy producing international quality racking system of Shelving, palatalized goods and Mezzanine Platform at a production rate of 10 Ton per day using imported raw materials, automated machine, process unit, Chemical Treatment and Powder coating plant. After passing our strict quality control, finished products are delivered to site where our dedicated installation team completes the Installation and Hand over to our Customer.

Master Racks and Furniture with its dynamic sales team, efficient design team, Engineers and workers, now able to provide one stop solutions to any warehouse need paying attention to available space and load requirement.

With our Turnkey project management, we deliver total solution with efficient design and top-quality product at a very competitive price. Under one roof, one stop solution we are confident to make you a very happy and satisfied customer.


Capable of storing large individual items and palletize goods with ease, industrial pallet racks provide a versatile and strong storage system that is widely used warehouse and factory environments.


We are one of the leading suppliers of industrial strength racking in our domestics area. With a large variety of racking systems available, a uniquely designed solution can be easily supplied to match your specific storage requirements.

Our key to a successful stores operation is an efficient storage layout that contains enough storage capacity to cope with demand during busy periods. Our standard racking systems offer a cost-effective way to store large volumes of stock within a warehouse or distribution center. More advanced systems such as AS/RS, Mobile, Drive-In and Push-Back systems offer more improved functionality such as increased storage and quicker retrieval rates.

To protect storage areas we recommend that rack protectors and barriers are installed in key areas to prevent accidental damage by forklifts, reach trucks and other manual handling equipment. A comprehensive range of the racking accessories can be added to your overall solution so that upon installation, your racking system is safe, clearly labelled and ready to use.

Why Chose US


Our vision is to become the Bangladeshi leader in industrial storage system and automated development. We want to offer companies innovative solutions for optimizing, operating and securing space.


Our Mission is to design & install the work-space of our customers to increase their profit through increasing warehouse and inventory space utilization.