Board Of Directory

Mohammad Shahabuddin

Chairman, Master Rack & Furniture.

Since the establishment of the company in 2017, Master Racks has solidified its position as the premier manufacturer of industrial racking systems in Bangladesh. With the aid of superior technical knowledge, dynamic leadership, and highly trained personnel, we have invested all our efforts to provide efficient storage solutions to our clients. We hope to expand our facilities even further by building a new, state-of-the-art factory. This will include modern machinery and a dedicated design center which shall increase our productivity to newer heights. I believe it will play a vital role as we look to expand into foreign markets in the future.


Managing Director

Master Racks & Furniture has a long and self-righteous story of success & struggle in the racking industry. Firstly, we have started importing steel racks from China & Malaysia since 2008. But when I was moving around those factories abroad, I suddenly noticed that most of the workers in the racking industry are none other than the golden boys of Bangladesh. They are qualified enough and good at this sector. And they also wished to establish a racking manufacturing factory in their motherland. It touched my heart and hit a plan in my mind to establish such kind of manufacturing factory in our country.

By consulting with my business preceptor Mohammad Shahabuddin Sir who is the chairman of our company, I got the motivation to take the risk of manufacturing steel racks for the very first time in Bangladesh in 2017. And that time we chose our company name as ‘Master Racks & Furniture’.


Started with 5000 sqft of rental land and a team of 50 experienced expert engineers whom I had to find out door to door.  Now in our company, we have 150 experienced engineers who are working on 85000 sqft of rental land. It was not easy to achieve the faith and confidence of the customers, as our local people had a harsh experience with the quality of the local product. It was the most difficult challenge to remove the old ideologies and thoughts of the local people.

But after we completed a big project by maintaining international standards other local companies’ thoughts are changing frequently. Day by day People gets confidence in our work that’s why right now we are completing 600+ projects. And we are now the leading Industrial Manufacturing Company in Bangladesh.All of our employees are working hard and Engineers are planning scientifically to reduce accidents and maximize space.

Within the last 5 years, Racking Industry in Bangladesh has reduced 90% to 92% of imported products. I hope and believe that very soon our local racking industry will fully reduce the importing section from Bangladesh rather will export it to the world within 2024 which will lead by our company. As success has no boundaries, we will be ready for moving forward with intellectual weapons and technology wide open to accept all the challenges that the new age will offer.

Mohammad Nasimul haque


When I enter Master Racks & Furniture on my journey, I wander the seas as a ship’s sailor. I tried to take forward the project of Master Raks with my best engineering skills, my experience in mid-ocean engineering skills, and the mindset to handle any situation, with all the risks as a new industry in Bangladesh.
I make a team and all of them are working successfully so that our organization can glorify Bangladesh on the world stage and at the same time participate in the next industrial revolution in self-efficiency.

Today, about 150 skilled engineers are working in the engineering team and as an entrepreneur, I dream that this number will increase many times in the near future. It will play a role in the export sector of the country by maintaining the quality of our products in the global market by meeting all the needs of the country.
At the same time, we want to inform you about our team’s primary goal is to serve on total support needed in inventory management by using proper utilization of space, lower manpower moreover reducing accidents.