Fabric Relax Rack

Storing fabric within a stockroom requires a specific  style of shelving that provides enough depth to cope with long roolls of cloth also material.Fabric Rool storage racks has a close relation to carpet racking . This type of storge system s build from our standard heavy duty components.To achieve the require shelf depth two shelving bays are posiion one behind other .


-The rolls are easy  to use , and also can store Long  Fabric rolls.
-It also reduces the ammount of used floor space.
-The Rolls can be easily load onto the Pallet . Therefore, It saves Time &  prevents any injuries of worker.
-Textile  rool storage has to be completed without damaging the rool materials.
-Simple Design & Operation  As Well as  easy to  use control.

-Minimal effort of rool changes or Adustment .
-No need for employees to walk, bends or drug material  accross your ware house .

-Minimal effort for rool changesor adjustment,allowing your team to opatate efficiently and quick when filing  complex or large order.

Opening - Closing