How Industrial Racking System Multiply Your Warehouse!

Feb 28, 2023 Blog, News

Industrial Racking System Is One Of The Foundational Infrastructure Any Warehouse-Based Company, Let’s Explore!


Considering any warehouse / industrial racking system is one of the foundational infrastructure components that facilitate seamless operation in any warehouse-based company. Racks enable warehouses to maximize their use of spaces and organize products efficiently while allowing easy access for streamlined picking, replacing them frequently.

Racks are just one piece of the puzzle on the ground. Overall efficiency also depends on several other factors, such as the layout of the facility, the width of passageways, product demand, important training to ensure the safe and efficient use of established racking systems. Putting them together will consider us a comprehensive guide to warehouse racking to provide warehouse operators with different perspectives and strategies. We will also understand how to multiply the space and infrastructure to boost profits as well as the key variables operators can manipulate to improve results.


You can go vertical with a different Racking system

Normally we keep everything in your inventory in one warehouse for medium industries, it can be difficult to use increasingly crowded floor space most efficiently. It is better to do this vertically. It stores more products with less floor space and optimizes both product turnaround and delivery times.

They increase storage efficiency and density

A drive-in enabled racking system to allow you to make storage more efficient by:
• Enabling you to store goods more densely.
• Facilitating trucks to enter racks’ structures more easily to retrieve or set pallets of merchandise
The Space saver rails let you configure storage racks more effectively, with fewer aisles needed for access.

Storage density is increased will be increased up to 75%

  • Positioning racks in short bursts. Rather, place them as long as possible to get the most out of your storage.
    • Keeping pallet rack systems along the walls. It will increase your space but limits the efficiency of your storage.
    • Our Drive-in storage systems are assembled in an “L” shape that is more helpful than any other setting – because others are too difficult to navigate and can be difficult if forklift needs to access palletswithin them.


Why Master Racks & Furniture is the best Industrial racking system in Bangladesh?

  • We produce racks locally. We maintain international standards.
    • Our efficient racks can take maximum loads.
    • 100% customizable. A wide range of components is flexible to your needs.
    • Maximum Pallet Storage Capacity.
    • Optimal space utilization up to 85% as the fewer number of aisle intervals.
    • Our racking system allows FILO or FIFO (need space on both sides) inventory control.
    • Individually, a Pallet can support 500-1500 kg/Pallet which depends on the customer goods details.

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