Our Culture

Our Values

Master Racks and Furniture is committed to the growth of its people as it grows its portfolio of brands and businesses across the country. We believe that business excellence flourishes if employees are engaged, enabled, and empowered. We constantly aim to provide each individual with every opportunity to contribute at their full potential, while providing opportunities for effective work-life balance.

Our Leaders

Master Racks & Furniture’s leaders are role models that engage their teams to build Projects together. We believe that everyone is a part, so we trust our colleagues to be successful to work and grow. Whether we succeed or stumble, we do it together. We make sure of Security in health & others.
We believe that it takes honesty, hard work & Transparency to make both our people and business grow. We trust leadership is about inspiration, delegation, and constructive feedback, and all of it we established within Master Racks & Furniture.

Our Purpose

The Main goal of MRF is to confirm the Maximum utilization of Customer Places.  It is to provide security to storage products & workers in this area. Our purpose is to create high-quality projects in our Own Motherland. Our mission is to reach zero % on importing sector Industrial racks in Bangladesh.

What We Believe

  • We are one team
  • We believe in people
  • We make constant improvement
  • We are cost-conscious
  • We are straightforward and open-minded
  • We keep all things Transparent
  • We are helpful & Friendly

Our Yearly Festive .....

New Year Celebration
We thank all our employees & Customer as they made us one of the best companies In the Racking sector.
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Yearly Picnic
Boosting our team's morale and rejuvenating their spirit...
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Ifter Party
We feel blessed with the opportunity to celebrate Iftar & those evenings enhance our team's relationship.
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Celebrate Achievement Together
A reputation for celebrating wings and effort can also be a central pillar of our employer branding, helping our organization to attract and retain talent.
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Yearly Football match
Lets Play & Learn Together
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Monthly Meeting
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Our Vission

Our Factory