Pallet Racking

Pallet Racking : A cost-effective  industrial storage system 

Pallet racking is a storage aid system for handling materials designed to store materials on pallets. Although there are many varieties of pallet rack, all types allow the storage of palatalized materials in horizontal rows on various levels.

Selective Pallet Racking System basically used in long height space/warehouses. Forklifts, Stacker, Reach Truck are generally required to place loaded pallets on racks for storage. Different Material Handling equipment (MHE) are used in terms of aisle gap, height and type of the racking system.

In this racking system, expensive and complex installation is not required. The racks can be installed quickly and easily without the hassle of screws.

Single Deep Pallet Rack and Double Deep Pallet Rack are both used in different warehouse in different purpose.

Single Deep Pallet Racking is a system where pallets are stored single deep. It is the most widely used storage system in the world. It can direct access to all pallet in the rack. This type of racking system is faster compare to the Double Deep Racking System. 

Double Deep Pallet Rack is a system where pallets are stored two deep, cutting the number of access aisles by about half in any given area. This design cuts costs, and expands capacity, without any physical changes to the warehouse but the operation is quite slow and can’t direct access to all pallet in the rack.

Since World War II, pallet racking has become a ubiquitous item in most warehouses, manufacturing facilities, shopping malls, and other modern warehousing and distribution facilities. All types of pallet racking increase the storage density of stored goods. The costs associated with shelving increase with increasing storage density

Each Pallet can support 500-2000 kg/Pallet which is depend on the customer goods details.


  • Possibility of storing medium to heavy loads.
  • Fully customizable for any size of pallet.
  • Most effective storage system with low maintenance
  • Ensures safe and accurate picking and packing, thus increases warehouse efficiency
  • Supports both FIFO and LIFO Inventory Management.
  • Enabled with front and rear upright protectors that reduce the scope of damage
pallet racking
pallet racking