Pallet Shuttle Racking System

Pallet Shuttle Racking System : A high-density semi-automated storage solution

Semi-automated/Pallet shuttle racking system is the upgrades version of Drive in Racking System. Forklift is replaced by Shuttle (Combination of Motor, PLC and Battery) in this system.  The Pallet Shuttle follows the orders sent by an operator using a tablet with Wi-Fi connection or remote control, depositing the load in the first free placement location in the channel and compacting the pallets as much as possible. It can be long enough (up to 40 m. /132 ft.) and height up to 40 ft. 

Each Pallet can support 500-1200 kg/Pallet which is depend on the customer goods details.

Note: We are the authorized agent of AUTOMHA in Bangladesh. AUTOMHA is the world best shuttle manufacturer based in Italy.


  • Possibility of storing medium to heavy loads.
  • Most of the shuttle made for 1000mm*1200mm Pallet but customized shuttle also possible for special cases.
  • Greater capacity: deep store pallets in up to 132 ft. lanes and height up to 40 ft.
  • One tablet can control 18 shuttle together.
  • Faster than any conventional racking system. 1 shuttle can carry 30 pallet/ hour.
  • Can be merged with WMS (Warehouse Management System) Software.
  • LIFO/FIFO both options available.
pallet Shuttle rack
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