Rack-Supported Building: Automated Distribution Center

Rack Supported Building is primarily used in the ASRS racking system. It is also relevant to others racking systems. Basically, the structure of the rack which is a joint of upright, diagonal bracing, and horizontal bracing replaces the building-supported columns. The pallet racking is then spread walls to protect the interior of the building from exterior elements. Rack Supported Warehouses offer the most possible storage thickness along with the lowest high-rise storage construction costs when compared with constructional steel frame buildings.

Ideal Applications for rack Supported Structures, Rack Supported buildings can be utilized in manufacturing, warehouse, and distribution facilities in a vast number of ways. These are some of the ideal applications for rack-supported structures: 

  • Cold-Storage or cooler exterior structures 
  • Maintenance shops
  • Climate Controlled storage warehouse
  • Drive-controlled storage warehouse 
  • Drive-thru buildings materials storage
  • High-Density arid storage


  • It can be easily compacted with ASRS Racking System.
  • It is also relevant to other racking systems like Selective Pallet Racking Systems, Semi-automated Racking Systems, and Drive Racking Systems.
  • Can be built at a height of over 130 ft.
  • Reduced the building column by racking the frame
  • Lower Initial construction cost
  • It can be constructed within a very short period.
  • Ideal for high wind, snow load, and seismic applications, as forces are spread around multiple racking frames.

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