Selective Pallet Racking System

Selective pallet racking is a particular organization of pallet racking where every pallet position is directly reachable from the aisle or lane. This is the most familiar type of pallet racking system. Selective pallet racking is contrasting from other racking in that it avoids the need to move one pallet in order to reach another. Here, each pallet clearly visible and easy to load and unload.


The advantages of Selective Pallet Racking

  • Low-cost racking per pallet position.
  • Most popular and also much easy to use.
  • Allows easy access to the highest number of SKUs (stock-keeping units).
  • Easy to drive forklifts in the wide aisle.
  • Most tolerant for multiple pallet sizes within the same system.
  • Uses vertical space like push-back very efficiently, with a simpler component profile.
  • Having no special require forklift equipment. A standard counterbalanced forklift will work, As long as you provide adequate corridor width.
  • As it needs aisles between each back-to-back row, it takes more area in the aisle than storage. That means the overall cost will increase for a large warehouse.
  • Managing a FIFO or FILO   with selective pallet racking is cursed. Other systems like drive-in  & push-back are perfect for FILO (first in last out). Here pallet orientation systems are maintaining FIFO(first in first Out).
  • As your volume of a single (or just a few) SKUs increases, the need for “selective” reach to every pallet reduces. you will get a “deep storage” system, that is much more efficiently positioned.
  • Deep storage systems like drive-in or push-back racking are generally more steady than selective racking. This is usually never committed accident unless a system is very tall. Height restrictions on selective pallet racking depend on your building and community. Selective systems over 30 feet tall are rare.
  • Selective Racking is the most common type of industrial Pallet racking. This is primarily due to its lower cost, competence, and flexible usability. Of course, there are more options there, and even selective Pallet Racks can be adaptable to non-selective systems. One more reason they are such a multiskilled solution for so many warehouses. Click Here to get a quote  now OR Contact Us for Any details.


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