CAD Drawing & Design

Master Racks & Furniture is specialized in warehouse equipment and provides intelligent, real-world solutions to warehousing, manufacturing, and distribution challenges. We use the newest in Computer Aided Design(CAD) to plan and style your warehouse storage system.

Whether we are implementing full warehouse racking and picking systems or a little scale shelving project, CAD software ensures that the project is meant together with your budget, facility measurements, and project requirements in mind.


Our meritorious and experienced team of designers use CAD to provide you with initial layouts, detailed plans, and prototype testing, along the way of the project ‘s life cycle.

warehouse safety


Master Racks and Furniture work with you from the conception of a project to the final implementation. Our in-house team of design and installation experts will draw , assemble your storage solution on-site, ensuring that each one safety standards are met.

You become happy to know that your project will be installed by Master Racks & Furniture professionals who are well trained and experienced to complete your project from beginning to ending.

After Sales Service 

Our installation teams are also available for warehouse  repairs, relocation, reconfiguration, adjustments, new installations, a and so much more.