07 Key Factors in the Warehouse Management

A series of key factors to take care of a superb level of safety and quality within the warehouse management. Let's check
warehouse management

Warehouse management implies where the warehouse is the building where the different storage systems are installed and the main function of these is to maintain the products in a controlled and orderly manner.

Warehouses are a basic and essential infrastructure in a diverse range of industries, and the security inside them will largely depend on the state of any storage system (adjustable pallet racking, compact pallet racking, etc.). Therefore, it’s vitally important to require under consideration a series of key factors to take care of a superb level of safety and quality within the warehouse management.

We consider the seven key factor of warehouse management which is given below to maintain safety in the warehouse:

Appropriate use of personal protective equipment for warehouse management

Warehouse Management
  • Warehouse operators must wear appropriate protective footwear, steel toe caps and soles, and non-slip footwear.
  • In very noisy warehouses, hearing protectors should be worn.
  • The use of protective helmets will be necessary for high storage and the risk of falling objects.
  • Safety glasses should be worn if the warehouse has cutting areas.
  • The use of suitable protective gloves is recommended for handling various materials.

Correct use of forklift trucks

Keep the forklift in perfect condition and harmony: the siren, the horn, and the warning light must work correctly.

The existing signage within the warehouse must be respected.

forklift truck for warehouse management

An elite cart used for transporting materials supplied for loading capacity or for transporting people, and for qualified and authorized personnel.

Adequate signage in the warehouse

The warehouse must bear the following markings: the different operational areas, safety areas, evacuation routes, and doors, machine areas, bathrooms, warehouse plan, etc.

Other safety and prevention elements in the warehouse

In addition to the key factors described above, a completely safe warehouse should have smoke detectors, a fire alarm system, emergency lights, a first aid kit, defibrillators, and video cameras.

Correct design and use of the storage systems

One of the basic elements of a completely secure warehouse is that it depends on companies like Master Rack & Furniture, which are dedicated to the production, design, and installation of storage systems.

The proper functioning and safety of storage systems (adjustable shelves, rack drive, or automated systems) are one of the key factors, for which aspects such as raw materials, design of industrial shelves and their adaptation to inclement weather and The seismographic conditions of each territory must be taken into account.

Here, the responsibility lies with the engineering teams of the companies in the sector who must combine all their experience with the latest structural calculation technologies.

Also, the following aspects, among others, must be observed in the daily use of storage systems:

  • Cargo units stored at a height should be properly tied down and wrapped with film to prevent loose objects from falling.
  • Pallets must be properly supported on beams and/or sleepers.
  • The free spaces necessary to place the load units in their locations must be respected.
  • In the Drive-In storage system, ensure that the lift truck never passes under the stored material.
  • Let’s Know your loading capacity first and then maintain the maximum load weight of industrial racks.

Control, maintenance, and periodic replacement

An installation must not only be safe when commissioning but also in good time with the execution of control and maintenance work and the replacement of damaged elements.

Maintenance tasks for the storage system should be planned. Start with a quick daily inspection to check with the naked eye that nothing is out of place and continue with extensive periodic technical inspections in collaboration with the company supplying the warehouse management.

In this control phase, it is possible to identify every element of the structure of the storage system that could have been damaged due to the daily operation of the warehouse. The items that are typically hardest hit in the warehouse are industrial shelving frames. However, beams can also be damaged by the impact of forklift forks.

If these components are damaged, it will reduce the capacity of the shelf and therefore pose a potential risk. Those responsible for maintenance should, with the support of the manufacturer, determine whether the damaged component needs to be replaced or whether its properties are still intact.

If the specialists confirm that the component is damaged, it should be replaced with a new one that will restore the same original properties to the structure. For the replacement process, the damaged planes must first be unloaded and made unusable until the replacement is complete.

Regarding replacement, we do not recommend attempting repairs as there is no evidence that tampering with damaged posts or beams will restore the original properties of the structure. These measures may therefore pose a significant risk to warehouse security.

Staff training and advice

People are the key to having a completely safe warehouse. Your initial training, company orientation, and daily behavior ensure that all of the above key factors are in place and that we have a warehouse and storage system in excellent condition.

Staff training for warehouse management

Therefore, it is essential to invest efforts in staff training and in creating a connection that allows all levels of the company, from the manager to the operator, have to work compliantly with the above direction to meet the highest standards rate and ensure safety and quality.

Inside the warehouse, operators must know the properties and limitations of their equipment and work tools, control the effects on the pallet racks and know what to do if they are damaged. For more details please feel free to contact us.


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