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Reach trucks are basically small indoor vehicles, used in super shops or warehouses. They have an area for storing the items, wheeled, and two outer legs, which help to distribute the weight of the items. The trucks are carefully made to have a lower turning radius as they will be operated through the aisles, which is why it is smaller but made to transport heavier items from aisle to aisle. These are basically smaller forklifts, which means these are used to lift goods or pallets but are smaller as used indoors. And a double reach truck is a vehicle having deep forks, which can retrieve or deposit trucks positioned in the rack two deep.

There are six types of reach trucks issues to consider, which are:

  • Pantograph forklift- For Pantograph forklifts use a scissor reach mechanism, which allows them to reach into racking as it extends forks forward. These stir into the racking to load pallets.
  • Scissor lift reach truck- These reach trucks are basically used in construction sites or big spacious warehouses, it can lift up to ten thousand one hundred sixty mm with a load of thirty-two hundred lbs.
  • Double deep forklift- Pallets are stored two rows deep but overall similar to selective racking where it is one row deep. It has specialized pallet handling equipment which uses a specialized forklift with double deep handling attachment.
  • Reach truck double deep- This is simply a deep reach truck run in the narrower aisles.
  • double deep reach truck specifications
  • deep reach truck- It has a capacity of one thousand six hundred to two thousand kilograms.

These trucks are made for indoor use or for flat surfaces as they are built low with little outer carriage clearance. These are generally 3,200 lb. 36 V. and 56.48 – 62.85 in. maximum. The weight of the trucks varies from three thousand to twenty thousand pounds. There are crown double-reach trucks and Toyota double-reach trucks. As Toyota is a famous car brand the Toyota double-reach trucks are more used.

These trucks provide unique features paired with longer-standing productivity, and provide user-friendly positions, at a low cost. It has an open-view mast which is utilized by a four-cylinder design as a result the frontal visibility is maximum. Hence it is perfect for a second-level pallet position.

It has a very inflexible mast construction, which stops mast movement while at the maximum lift height. According to the website research, this helps to move from dock to stock and reverse while working comfortably, efficiently reaching higher heights or deeper pallets. It can lift twenty-five hundred LBS. to forty-five hundred LBS.

There are many manufacturers like 1)Toyota 2)Crown manufacturers, 3)Yale manufacturers, 4)Zowel manufacturers, 5) Raymond Corporation, and many more. Among them, the Crown double reach trucks are in short called RD, According to their website they have two types of double reach trucks, which are: Double reach trucks (RD) and sit down double reach trucks (RD).

The double-reach truck has a load capacity of Four thousand five hundred and fifty-kilo grams, a Power capacity of thirty-six Volts, A head length is one thousand four hundred and thirty-five millimeter to one thousand five hundred and ninety-five millimeters and a maximum height lift is ten thousand one hundred and sixty millimeter. To know more

On the other hand, a sit-down reach truck offers an efficient operator compartment. It also has a load capacity of one thousand four hundred and fifty kilograms, a power capacity of thirty-six volts, a head length of one thousand five hundred and thirty-five millimeters to one thousand seven hundred and sixty-five millimeters, and lastly, it can maximum lift a height of eleven thousand two hundred and twenty-five millimeter.

The third one that is Yale on the other hand offers his model NR/NDR-DC/EC as a double deep-reach truck. It has a capacity of Three thousand lbs to four thousand five hundred lbs. Its website says it offers modern technology with enhanced performance for working in high-density warehouses. Now the fourth manufacturer Zowell offers its RRE series in double deep-reach trucks. The maximum capacity of Zowell is three thousand two hundred lbs which is one thousand four hundred and fifty kilograms, maximum lifting height is ten thousand one hundred and sixty millimeters with the loads. Do you want to get the best? Click Here

Its reaching structure helps it to reach one thousand and eighty millimeters, which also reaches the double-reach shelves. Its item number according to a website is RRE15, the color is orange and the shipping port is Shanghai China. And the fifth manufacturer Raymond corporation rich trucks is named seven thousand series deep reach forklift trucks. We will select the best for your requirement! Click Here

It has a capacity of a maximum of three thousand two hundred lbs, a maximum height lift is four hundred forty-four inches, and a battery is twenty-four and thirty-six volts.

If the warehouse needs it spontaneously it must look for a double-reach truck that has longer battery life.

But before buying any reach trucks, among so many manufacturers we have to keep some points in mind which are:

  • Double-reach trucks are good for warehouses having low storage capacity.
  • As it is used internally, the height must be smaller.
  • Inspect residual capacity is a must as this changes every time with a new design.
  • Ensure that the truck is small but its structure is strong enough and durable enough as it will go through daily stress.
  • The lift speed must be considered which will depend on the strength.
  • The driver must have a comfortable and efficient space
  • The moving speed must be considered as it is an indoor vehicle
  • The visual display must not be blocked, even if it needs to be forwarded.
  • The steering wheels need to be rigid, as the drivers sometimes use the sheering wheel to hold and get in and out.
  • The drivers should be asked about the prefaces of the joystick and mini levers.
  • It is always best to choose a manufacturer who offers demonstration and reliability of the product.
  • A rigid mast is required for the yield of its best use.

Double deep reach trucks

Among many advantages, some notes worthy is stated below:

  1. The cost of these trucks compared to doing the same work in warehouses for example turret trucks are half, which means these are more efficient.
  2. These reach trucks can reach twice deeper hence, the storage capacity increases by 50 %.
  3. In the narrow aisle systems, these are very efficient as two double-reach trucks can pass or work in the same aisle spontaneously, which again increases the working efficiency,
  4. These trucks don’t need guidance systems like turret trucks and hence can pass thoroughly through aisles.
  5. The rare pallet can be utilized as needed.
As there are advantages, there must be some disadvantages as well. Some of them are stated below:
  1. The standard reach trucks are less expensive than the deep reach trucks.
  2. Two Pallets from different SKUs may get into trouble as the front pallet must be moved to get the back pallet.
  3. The step to remove the front pallet reduces the efficiency of the warehouse.
  4. The capacity of the reach truck is reduced as they are required to access backend pallet positions, which is why the pantograph mechanism is longer. Hence the capacity gets reduced to thirty-two hundred lbs from forty-five hundred lbs.
  5. Another disadvantage is it requires a bottom beam with no loads on the floor or a few bays down the aisle which means longer load beams.
Lastly, it can be said that Double deep reach trucks are saviors for warehouses with lower storage capacity and narrower aisles.

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