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Industrial Racks Manufacturer & Supplier

We are the industrial racks manufacturer and supplier in Bangladesh. In 10 years since the establishment of MRF, our team has successfully delivered over 1000+ projects with high-quality imported & locally manufactured racks and made many satisfied customers from garments, pharmaceuticals, consumer products, and multinational industries.

We have established a 55000 SFT manufacturing plant in Kanchpur, Narayanganj, where over 150 engineers and workers are busy producing international quality racking system of Shelving, palatalized goods, and Mezzanine Platform at a production rate of 10 Ton per day using imported raw materials, automated machine, process unit, Chemical Treatment, and Powder coating plant. We have also aiming to broaden our new factory also at Narayangonj, which is about 90,000 sft and has world-class manufacturing procedure.

We have in-house facilities for Structural Analysis for Racking System. We have developed our design to be compatible with BNBC-2020 for the sustainability of Seismic Design. Our engineers are proficient in RSC Guideline for Compliance. With a solid engineering base along with Design Simulation and NFPA knowledge, we are proud to be in your service.

Industrial racking system provider


Great precision

Our skilled engineers specialize in material handling logistics and provide insightful, real world solutions to warehousing, manufacturing and distribution challenges.


With over 10 years of experience, we’re the Material Handling Experts you can trust. We have successfully completed 500+ project. MRF is clearly your best supplier and cooperator.