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Shelving system

Customizable and Cost-Effective: Industrial Shelving Systems for Efficient Storage

Shelving Systems For Small Warehouses Give You A Lot Of Space To Configure Your Storage Units In A Way That Makes Them The Most Useable.


Why do we need Shelving Systems?

Let’s talk about the basics of shelving. A shelving Rack is a kind of cabinet shelf storing books or an industrial shelf storing tools.

The use of industrial shelving is a great option in warehouses, libraries, offices, workshops even at home. In a word, the use of shelving systems is to store items accessible by hand. Including books, boxes, and small parts. It is usually a lighter-duty system than a Pallet racking system. Meaning that it can sustain lighter weights than the Pallet racking System.

Shelving systems for small warehouses give you a lot of space to configure your storage units in a way that makes them the most useable. You can adjust them according to the height, shape, and size of your space. They’re also made out of extremely solid materials like wood or metal that can be bolted down to the ground for stability or placed on wheels for easy movement. Here is the answer to why you should use the Shelving System.

Installing Shelving System In Our Client Warehouse
Installing a Shelving System In Our Client Warehouse


Let’s Check the key features of the Shelving System:

Cost-Effective Solution

Industrial shelving systems are extremely durable and useable in all environmental conditions. This means they don’t need to be replaced or repaired very often and will be the ultimate investment, which saves your business costs in the long run. With regular safety checkups and maintenance, you can further extend the lifespan and reduce the number of repairs.

Easy to Customize

Industrial shelving systems are adjustable and stretchable enough to customize them in whatever ways make them perfect for your storage requirements. The shelves can be moved up or down to make up large and small inventory items. You can also install drawers and dividers to store smaller materials, tools, and additional accessories.

Maximize Space in Small Warehouses

Warehouses with extremely limited space can advantage greatly from installing industrial shelving units. Space professionalism is important in all warehouses & shops, also it’s an important key consideration in facilities with limited space. The better organized your warehouse is, the easier it is to implement safety measures on material handling equipment as well as locate and transit-specific items.

Shelves can be installed at different heights on your existing pallet racking system without taking up any additional floor or wall space when the time comes to change up your store layout, the shelves can easily be adjusted or removed completely to make room for larger products or increase your inventory size.

Increases Safety Standards in Warehouse Operations

Worker safety is a top priority in factory & warehouse facilities across Bangladesh. Industrial shelving units that are bound to the ground with large metal posts keep the making from toppling over at the slightest impact from contact or while reclaiming products. Moreover, the beams that are used to support the shelving units are also strong enough to support all types of even or uneven weight distribution and keep the entire structure faithful at all times.

The pleasure of product accessibility offered by industrial shelving systems also reduces the risk of injury or muscle fold for employees. Products can be stored severally to be retrieved by hand or as a group on a pallet to be recovered using a forklift or other material handling equipment. Either way, organizing stored materials makes the saving process a lot easier and safer for workers.

Industrial Shelving
A Shelving Setup in Appex Holdings Ltd.

Improves Overall Warehouse Productivity

Warehouse productivity is another important thought when choosing model storage and shelving systems for your proficiency. Any new organizational system that you introduce into your warehouse facility should distribute to improve productivity, not dwell on it.

Organizing products using various industrial shelving units has coupled benefits. Not only does it make those items easier to find but it also has the bonus of increasing safety standards in the workplace. The less time employees spend wandering through storage looking for certain items, the more time they can spend working.

A good rule of thumb is to place the more often-used items on shelves that are within easy reach. Less often used items can be stored higher up because they’re not needed as often. Be sure to label all shelves and drawers properly using a large and clear font.

Well Decorated & Nice Looking

The best favor of a shelving system is that it saves you a lot of worthy floor space. Moreover, they can be used for both home & office use. Shelving not only helps you to organize things all right but also provides capacious space to store things in their applicable place, right from books, files & heavy industrial products. The shelving rack makes smart one place. Because it’s too classy & Able to Decorate Properly. Metal shelving is the most lasting and versatile type of shelving. They are extensively used by many offices and other industrial companies. They are capable of heavy products and have more storage capacity than any other type of shelves.

Shelving System
Shelving system is Holding Fabric Roles

Best Industrial Shelving Systems for Warehouses or Offices in Bangladesh.

When it comes to high-quality, sturdy, long-lasting, and reliable industrial shelving that perfectly complements your current or future warehouse or store storage configuration, there’s no better supplier than Master Racks & Furniture.

We offer affordable and feasible warehouse storage solutions for businesses of all sizes across Bangladesh. Choose from our expertly made engineers planning new industrial shelving systems that perfectly fit your needs and your warehouse layout. We Providing A homegrown product of world quality.

Warehouse Compliance

Navigating Complex Warehouse Compliance: Benefits of Working with a Specialist

Warehouse Compliance Becomes More Complicated, And Associating With A Specialist Only Helps To Manage A Cost-Effective, Durable & Compliant Warehouse.

With the changes in regulations, warehouse compliance becomes more complicated, and associating with a specialist only helps to manage a cost-effective, durable & compliant warehouse.

To stock inventory for the majority of warehouse managers, it was ordinary to purchase a “quick-shipped” standard storage rack from the rack manufacturers’.  Nowadays this became very complex because the safety & storage management regulations became stricter and more specialized.

Now, industrial racking systems are usually considered a structural-like component, so it has to go through the different state, federal, and local regulations also the buyers’ compliance requirements as well. These ordinances are persistently evolving, also considering the seismic standards and other safety issues these became more complicated than before – and the warehouse managers who are unfamiliar with them may fail the warehouse audit, and become noncompliant with the ordinance. Which will make the situation more complicated.

In this situation, the warehouse managers must keep close contact with expert guidance for compliant design from an industry professional whenever developing the foundation, racking, or warehouse infrastructure. For any unusual stress, loading, function, or other non-standard factors occur. And should act in a preventive manner by taking contingency strategies.

Sequential quick-ship warehouse pallet racking systems are advantageous but should handle carefully non-flammable, non-hazardous products stored inside buildings in lower seismic regions.

Generally, with high-speed racks, there is an utmost pallet load limit that the racking system can grasp and the highest bay load limit that the warehouse floor and the racking system can handle. So, any industrial racking system requires a qualified design professional’s review for avoiding any unexpected situations.

Even when the high-speed industrial racking system is adequate for a warehouse. Still, there may be a requirement for expert advice for any special circumstances – for instance, if the racking system installation occurs in a warehouse with a sloping floor.  Despite greater warehouse complexity and evolving regulations and other compliance issues, understanding a few key features and best uses of racking will help warehouse managers to keep their facilities safe, cost-effectively, productive, and compliant.

The key features understanding also included environmental concerns and seismic standards for structural rack-supported buildings. Engineered systems such as elevated platforms, pick modules, and Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS) also have their own engineering factors like means-of-access requirements, means-of-egress, and travel distance, as well as guarding and safety protection.

Environmental and Seismic Issues Read More

How Master Racks Installs Pallet Racking System In Your Territory

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Master Racks Systems handles any pallet rack project through to the end. It means we
not only provide your racking system but offer professional installation of your pallet
Unlike some material handling distributors, we don’t use temporary labor for our
facilities. Rather, our installers are pallet rack installation professionals that take their
job seriously and who will install your pallet racking in a safe and timely technique.
To decentralize huge supply chain load, we have built a lasting connection with our
installation crew over the years and trust them to install even our most significant
projects nationwide.
Advantages of Having Master Racks in Your Rack System:
•          Experienced rack installers – no provisional labor
•          Our team ensures safety first in any installation
•          Fast installation means your racking system will be up and ready to use
•          We’ll pull down your existing rack system that hampers your spaces.
•          We control every step of the installation process
•          We know how to package pallet racking for transport properly
•          We bring all types of equipment needed.
We’re Experienced & Professional
As the final stage of our warehouse racking system service, we are highly concerned
that the installation of your racking system deserves the same attention to detail as
the other actions. We have designed the optimal warehouse storage solution for
your needs, but the job is not complete until they are installed properly.
Your time and facility are the highest priority during installation, and so do our
experienced technicians. We install as quickly as can be done without sacrificing
safety or quality, and our technicians will consider you with the same
professionalism and respect that we do.
Pallet Rack Installation Locally with International Standard
Every installation is important to us, our Master Racks installation service is no
exception and we’ll carefully monitor your rack system install to ensure your rack is

installed correctly according to your needs and time period. We’re in constant
communication with our customers and our installation team to stay on top of every
aspect of the rack installation procedure.
Whether it’s a selective pallet rack or a deep push-back system in a seismic zone, our
technicians have the necessary know-how to get the job done right.
Proper Equipment for Installation
The Master Racks & Furniture installation team has the proper equipment to meet
the demand of any project. Our pallet rack installation team is qualified to install our
racking safely and conform to all building codes and requirements from varying
temperatures to extreme altitudes. Our years of pallet rack installation experience help
us conquer all types of complex scenarios, including special flooring requirements
such as in-floor heat or un-level foundation.
The next time you may need pallet racking torn down or installed in your warehouse,
make sure to contact our experts.

Mobile Racking system

No. 1 Mobile Racking System -in Bangladesh from Master Racks & furniture

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Before Purchasing Any Mobile Racking System You Must Consider Reading This Mobile Racking System

Before Purchasing Any Mobile Racking System You Must Consider Reading This Mobile Racking System


Master Racks & Furniture! Here You Will Experience The Best Mobile Racking System In Bangladesh At The Best Affordable Price.
we are Providing the best Warehouse  Racking system  For your Stock inventory.

mobile rack


Commercial space is very expensive! This is the reason why Mobile Racking Systems are utilized 

If your merchandise or business operates in a rental commercial place, it can take a huge bite out of your expenses. Warehouses and workshops are continuously on the lookout for the best opportunities to create full use of the accessible space. Warehouses are also looking towards some locations that can manage the storage of their goods more proficiently. Basically, a racking system is used for storing the goods in distribution houses or warehouses.

When installing a brand or warehouse for your goods, it is very crucial to understand the type of racking system which is compatible with your goods and workflow. The sorting of the racking system will be primarily focused on the volume, weight, type, and physical appearance of the goods to be stored. Other essential factors we may have to know when choosing the sort of racking system also involve the frequency of use of the goods and the sort of kit we use to drive the goods in and out of the racking system. Usually, the goods stored in the racking system will be ready in cartons, pallets, or big single units.

There are different types of racking systems we normally use in the distribution center and warehouse.

Each of them has its own advantages in terms of storage accessibility and capability.

Mobile racking systems not only optimize our space requirements but also free up additional room. It sounds be a strong solution that will gratify everyone’s necessity. Besides, the system can provide a large scale of flexibility with respect to the quality and size of your stored products, which can vary from huge big, and weight products to spare parts, small parts, documents, tires, or tools and apparel.

These solutions feature the highest quality, various combinations, and an extensive number of adjustment options. A modular opinion delivers the ability to assemble the system according to client requirements. A mobile racking system is a convincing complete system for optimum use of space, practicality, functionality, and durability.

The mobile racking system consists of two major parts:

one is rack and the other one is rail. The rails are created into the floor to simplify the racks’ frequent movement mounted on motor-driven wheels. The racks can be driven forward and backward as a single aisle whole unit.

Mobile racks can operate electronically or manually. Maximum storage areas can be benefited from electronically-controlled systems which permit the operators to access the full racking units via an individual working aisle. The mobile racking system is very sophisticated and superior when it comes to operation. Computerized operating speeds permit the closing and opening of lanes to be automated according to the warehouse activities. Safety and sensors systems provide the racks’ movement automatically stops when they get an obstacle or a person in their path.

Mobile racks are mainly useful for operations that are easily placed in warehouses where firstly it can maximize its low rotational goods or storage medium and store capacity by using only a limited number of forklift vehicles.

The system is basically standing with three suitable operation models that are convenient for warehousing with manual case picking, inventory work, and forklifts. The full-width passage model permits the fastest forklift access to an aisle. By synthesizing with guide rail and three-way forklift or order picker forklift, aisle breadth can be decreased further. On the other hand, the half-breadth passage model permits manual case sorting in two aisles at the same time.

As well as the equal spacing mode is also useful for inventory-taking operations.  Despite the mobile racking system being introduced so many years ago but its operations remain a riddle for workshop managers who haven’t fully recognized its massive benefits.

Mobile racks can naturalize workshop operations and create great ROI by developing workshop operations.

Whenever we spend on mobile racking systems, we can get the following advantages:

One of the topmost benefits of having mobile racks is the optimal use of floor space because they can be driven to be gathered as one ample unit very comfortably accessed. It reduces the floor space capacity by up to 50%, thus providing the opportunity for the open movement of machinery and personnel.

As sophisticated as they can be in operation, mobile racks do not need supplementary sorting and lading kits to place or reclaim inventory. Common forklifts are more than sufficient to ply between the breadths that are reachable between racks.

Mobile racks are planned to the bearing of up to 10,000 kilograms. The system can be disclosed for up to 200 pallets and the elevation is supposed to be 36 feet. This versatility makes the system more useful in immense, massive-sized warehouses and short-volume workshops with downcast operations.

The competency in conveyor technology drives the racks and placing them together creates space that is beneficial for large-volume storage.

The Mobile racks particularly use very powerful and strong electric motors which in combination have made the cold and food storage environment more comparative in the rack industry where the minimal capacity has to be used for large-density inventory. So lastly, it is very necessary for air-conditioning competency in frozen/cold workshops or warehouses as it can provide average capacity between stored products and lets chilled air circulation evenly.

Mobile racks simplified the loading and unloading method, follow up the inventory, and simple reclaim. It helps to create tremendous prosperity in the workshop’s operation by naturalizing the complicated workflow. A strong workflow continuously leads to the productive use of resources and time.

Master Racks & Furniture! Here you will experience the Best Mobile Racking System in Bangladesh

Nowadays mobile racking system contains a contemporary programmable logic control (PLC).

On the other hand, it observes the security of the worldwide system level using photoelectric ingress barriers and the local system level with foot-level security light barriers on each mobile porter, confirming the secure system operation. A system permits connectivity to higher-level warehouse management.

An automated mobile racking system, which consists of one to multiple racking blocks and typically among four and eight portable rack parts per block, forms the main storage location. Driving the gathered goods in the single racking blocks is transferred by VNA trucks, which drive fully instinctively in the rack aisles and the aisle-switching zone using laser sensors.

Switching places for the load/unload of accessories from/onto the VNA trucks are placed at the front side of the single allowable rack aisle. In the same way, the VNA trucks forgo the rack aisles just for aisle switching. Purvey to and away from the switching locations is completed very easily by using an adaptive transportation system or, in case of minimum solutions, also using manually conducted forklifts. All components are conducted by a primary computer.

The processes of the primary computers are project-oriented and depend on the operative scope of the client’s warehouse management Mobile racking system is used by Remote Control for Rack Aisles.

Wireless remote control with a graphical display and the rack passageway to be opened is nominated with a push of a switch on the carrying or at the remote-controlled forklift. It is certainly time savings credit to the synchronized association of the mobile racks and the forklift. Besides, it is integrated with automatic stacker release with dynamic aisle change during operation. It has a very successful option for aisle lighting control by reducing energy consumption with a lighting pilot.

A mobile racking system is also attached with moving sprinklers to ensure operative fire protection.

The sprinkler line connectivity can be very flexible by scissor feed joints. The mobile racking systems provide all fire protection systems, irrespective of the manufacturer. There are some small points of disadvantages which are higher cost and reduced height. The primary setup cost of this system is a little bit higher than selective racking. From others analyst point of view, the height of the mobile racking system is lower than other types of racking systems.

For service and maintenance purposes we need to understand the significance of having a completely operative store at all times, so in the unlucky event of a breakdown, rest guaranteed that we can get you up and moving over as speedily as possible.

Constructors can ensure a fully professional service bundle to make sure the fastest response times if the product needs attention. To make sure your mobile racking is in optimum condition Constructor also conducts an annual active safety check which comprises a thorough examination of the light difficult functions and the software. This system provides yearly rack testing information for the minimum barrier to daily operations


If we are comparing mobile racking systems with others existing racking system is no hassle. When the rails are fabricated into the marked floor space, they are ready to go. There are several companies offering different types of mobile racking systems. If we want to purchase any mobile rack system, you must collect the necessary information. We always need to choose a product that is rationally priced and offers proactive service, because the budget is a crucial factor. This solution ensures huge economic outcomes because of the shortened space requirement in the warehouse or in the workshop.

Master Racks & Furniture! Here you will experience the Best Mobile Racking System in Bangladesh and We will provide you with the best Mobile Racking System at the best affordable price! Please contact us to get your free pricing today.