Master Racks Limited : Providing Durable Warehousing Solutions in Bangladesh

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Warehouse Solution

Master Racks Limited : Providing Durable Warehousing Solutions in Bangladesh

Durable storage is a very vast image currently among companies. It is a collection of all those long-lasting practices implemented in storage to defend nature and reduce pollution.

The industrial zone is growingly alert to the negative effects of its actions and many of them have already found measures to minimize their touch on the environment.
The importance of durability in logistics

Environmental protection and the ongoing search for a replacement to lessen pollution and its result have become one of the primacy for companies, logistics, storage, or handling companies are no departure.

Long-lasting, durable logistics collection of a set of measures and policies to lessen the toxic impact of pollution on the territory resulting from the activities of the logistics industry. The main objective is to modify certain behaviors in the supply chain processes to achieve a balance between environmental conservation and the economic evaluation of companies. It is of key importance that companies or organizations apply durable measures since after all it is something that knocks us all.

5 suggestions to develop the sustainability of the warehouse.
5 tips to put into action are given below to execute more durable warehouses and storage systems that secure a good future for both the company and its territory.

  1. Electrical efficiency

    One of the simple ways to make our warehouse more durable is to finance in more energetically logical equipment. The first option could be to place an LED lighting system as it consumes 30% to 70% less electricity and lasts longer likened to a standard system. Another choice is to use sensors that control lighting and that come on when they find action. This can especially lessen energy utilization and cost together. As a final option, an arrangement of solar panels or renewable energy could be deposited as these methods are progressively universal in this modern time.

  2. Reduce, Reuse, and Reprocess

    To eliminate the wide amount of wastage created by logistics, recycling processes are required to be executed for the various types of equipment and wrapping that are used regularly detaching them by character. Reprocess the utilization of equipment and wrapping, do not waste them, and choose processable or green ones.

  3. Automation

    Warehouses are switching and automation is rising nowadays. Automated warehouses release fewer infecting gases and help lessen pollution from trucks with central affliction engines. Repute that traditional forklifts are one of the riskiest MHEs in a warehouse, the use of automated forklifts, as a feasible solution, may lessen accidents and ensure best efficiency.

  4. Use different fuel vehicles

    Transit in logistics is one of the main reasons for pollution due to elevated carbon emissions, so electrical or other fuel vehicles are the best way to make shipments and work in an entire warehouse. Therefore, durable transit produces less pollution and is more proficient.

  5. Master Racks Limited and its commitment to long-lasting durability

    Master Racks &  Limited has obtained the Department of Inspection for Factories and Establishments certificate from the Ministry of Labour and Employment which shows its environmental, social, and economic commitment to durability & sustainability. The main aim of this global standard is to help lessen energy costs, minimize the carbon footprint and lessen costs by promoting more durable energy utilization. Master Racks has also obtained the most prestigious certificates in environmental, quality, and work safety areas, following the strictest domestic regulations.


What Do Master Rack Do ??

Capable of storing large individual items and palletized goods with ease, industrial pallet racks provide a versatile and strong storage system that is widely used in warehouse and factory environments.

We are one of the leading suppliers of industrial strength racking in our domestic area. With a large variety of racking systems available, a uniquely designed solution can be easily supplied to match your specific storage requirements.


Our key to a successful store operation is an efficient storage layout that contains enough storage capacity to cope with demand during busy periods. Our standard racking system offers a cost-effective way to store large volumes of stock within a warehouse or distribution center.  More advanced systems such as AS/RS, Mobile, Drive-in, and Push-Back Systems offer more improved functionality such as increased storage and quicker retrieval rates.

To protect storage areas we recommend that rack protectors and barriers are installed in key areas to prevent accidental damage by forklifts, reach trucks, and other material handling equipment. A comprehensive range of racking accessories can be added to your overall solution so that upon installation, Your Racking system is safe, clearly labeled, and ready to use.

Master Racks & Limited is the best Industrial Rack Manufacturing company in Bangladesh. Master Racks Limited is Providing total warehouse solutions By Engineer’s Planning.

Our mother Company Supplies an Exhaust Fan system and so on…  Tool Master & Engineering Co.


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